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We specialized in in-field urban residential townhomes that offer low maintenance home ownership for the modern home owner. 

Inspired by our community’s vision to become a major growth center in our State and the Gulf South we’ve followed a philosophy of design and development aimed at servicing that growth.

While the hub cities are growing with suburban sprawl our focus is on creating housing opportunites that stay central to the heart of Lafayette.

Our aim is to provide housing that accomodates and attracts the next generation of home owners. A group that trends towards higher density and lower maintenance with access to their community.

Townhome developments are a perfect way to meet this demand while giving residents an opportunity to own something that will appreciate.



TekTon Development group is dedicated to serving it’s stakeholders and sees them as the following:

Home Owners: Our goal is to create homes that people desire and would love to call home. We primarily focus on meeting the rising demand in townhomes that offer lower maintenance with access to more urban centers.

Our Community: Lafayette is a hard place to leave and it’s our hope that no one has to. As a result we work hard to offer housing opportunities that make that “Joie d’vie” available to all by focusing on higher density in in-field areas.

Partners: None of the great projects in our portfolio would be possible without a growing group of partners. From investors, architects, and sub contractors it truly takes a village to build one!


My goal is simple: to deliver a product that people want. Building homes people want to live in is not only rewarding it’s the safest and most profitable way to manage a portfolio. 

Developing residential properties connects to me on a deeper level. Tekton is the greek word used to describe the type of craftsman Jesus was before he started his ministry. From this Jesus gets his reputation as a carpenter. I take pleasure in developing these projects knowing that in some ways I’m imitating him. This reflection draws me closer to his call to imitate him in all other areas of my life. 

Jacob Landry


Our Partners

Tekton works in both partnership and employ with key experts and managers to see each project through from planning to completion.   

Tyler Landry

Senior V.P.

Chanse Lombes

Investor/Acquisitions Management

Laura Kennedy

Director of Administration

Clay Amidon

Chief Operations Officer

Brandon Charpentier

Construction Supervisor

Pauline Guillotte

Contracts Administrator

Martha Thibeaux



The door is always open to discuss investment or consulting partnerships for current or planned projects.

Please reach out with any questions about our past, current, or future project plans using the contact form here. 

We work and collaborate regularly with landowners, developers, investors, public and private banks to develop projects across South Louisiana.

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